Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon and a women needs to take care of herself and her body through the term of the pregnancy. Staying active and indulging in moderate exercise is a necessity in this modern day and age. Yoga encorages healthy attitudes, using easy exercises and comfortable positions to accomodate a growing baby.

Common ailments of pregnancy like back aches, sleeplessness, indigestion, breathlessness, oedema, early onset of high B.P, mood swings and diabetes can be eased with prenatal yoga. Pregnant ladies practice Yog to avoid complication of pregnancy and look forward to normal delivery.

Prenatal Yog includes various Asanas with and without props, sukshma Yog, modified suryanamaskar, different techniques of pranayam, Om meditation and various kinds of relaxation. This helps to increase flexibility, pelvic space, breathing capacity. There is better functioning of digestive and excretory systems. There is no emotional imbalance and mother can maintain her health and peace of mind throughout pregnancy and delivery.