Nowadays we lead a very sedentary lifestyle which has become so irregular and imbalanced that most of us need external and internal purification.

Hatha Yoga has given great importance to shatkarmas (6 processes) or shuddhi kriyas for the body and mind purification. Without purification of the body one will not be ready for the practice of yoga. Shatkarmas cleanses and activates all vital organs of the body especially the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. They are preventive as well as curative in nature. Ones capacity to digest, taste, work, think and feel is enhanced wonderfully. After this practice of asanas and Pranayam becomes more easy and effective.

The six main yogic cleansers are as follows:

i. Neti

ii. Dhouti

iii. Nauli

iv. Basti

v. Tratak

vi. Kapalbhati

Shankha Prakshalan

This is a recent technique of cleansing complete digestive and excretory tract ie from mouth to anus. “Shankha” is a shell and “prakshalan” is intense cleaning. Considering intestinal coiling similar to shell this name has be given.

Drink ½ lt of luke warm water with salt and lime and follow the exercise set twice.

 1.Tadasana    2. Tiryak Tadasana    3. Katichakrasana 
 tadasana    tiriyak tadasana    kati chakrasana
 4. Tiryak Bhujanasana    5. Udarakarshan     6. Kakpad
tiriyak bhujangasana   udarakarshana   kakapad


This process one should keep on repeating till passing clear water from anus. As this is very big process it has to be practiced under guidance of expert yoga teacher.


1. Fresher breath

2. Better digestion

3. Better sleep

4. Disappearance of acne and rashes

5. Brighter complexion

6. Odorless sweat

7. Regulated metabolism- lose or gain of weight depending on body’s need

8. Relief from headache

9. Relief from allergies

10. Relief from menstrual irregulaties and any diseases related to reproductive organs

11. Riddance of intestinal worms

12. Relief from urinary tract infection

You can repeat this activity every 6 months as needed. Again adherence to a modified diet after cleansing is key.