Need of the hour.

yoga therapy 06Increased urbanization has increased multiple problems in human life. Be it increased competition or comparisons, expectations has increased a lot of stress followed by many health disorders such as Diabetes,High blood pressure, Back and joints disorders,Heart diseases, Asthma, Allergies, Sleep disorders, Anxiety, Depression and many other lifestyle diseases in very early stage of life.

 Increased dependency on various gadgets has reduced our self confidence. If the lift does not work we start worrying about how we can reach the third or fourth floor? If vehicles are unavailable, youngsters refuse to walk short distances and prefer to sit at home. If there is no maid for a couple of days, people panic and if there is no electricity for some time or you forget your mobile some where, then your whole world stops. You feel so helpless that you think you cease to exist.

yoga therapy 07This is because we have lost confidence in our own body and our abilities that if there is no lift I can climb up to 10 th floor also or I can walk 5 km also or can manage all house work. This leads to increased irritation, agitation increasing anger, confusion, depression giving birth to many physical, emotional and mental health issues.

If one has to stop all of this and come out of this vicious cycle, then Yog is one of the most practical paths to follow.

Yog is not only twisting of body but mending of mind. Yog is not about practicing few asanas or some breathing techniques but it is a complete coordination yoga therapy 08between body, breath and mind. Yog means to develop control on our body, breath, emotions, thought process and establish complete harmony, balance or equanimity within.

Yog means to control our own actions, there will be no sudden reaction but thoughtful response. Yog will not only increase our physical energy but also boost our vital energy, psychological balance , sharpen the intellect and life is full with love and happiness. There will be no anger, irritation or fatigue but satisfaction, energy, peace and happiness.

So start practicing Yog not as physical exercise but make it way of life.