1) vamanVaman – is a medicated emesis therapy. It helps to remove excess unhealthy kapha and toxins collected in the body especially respiratory and digestive tract. This is recommended to people with high kapha imbalance.

Benefits: Vaman is very effective in patients of Bronchial Asthama, chronic allergies, Vitiligo, psoriasis, hyperacidity, chronic indigestion, sinusitis, obesity, skin disorders, Psychological disorders.

2) virechanVirechan – is a medicated purgation therapy which removes excess or unhealthy pitta and toxins accumulated in the digestive system, liver and gall bladder. It completely cleanses the gastro intestinal tract from mouth to anus.

Benefits: Virechan is very effective for patients suffering fro diabetes, obesity, hyperacidity, chronic digestive disorders, skin disorders, rheumatic joint disorders, psoriasis, headaches, migranes, gynaecologicaldisorders, blood disorders, acne, psychological disorders, cardiac disorders and more.

3) Basti - is considered the mother of all Panchakarma therapies. It’s a very effective, easy, safe and non-complicated process. It cleanses the accumulated toxins of all the 3 doshas but mainly very effective in Vata dosha related disorders.

Benefits: It is very effective in all major Neuro, muscular, bone disorders such as spondylitis, arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, slipped disc, sciatica, joint pains, obesity, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, hormonal imbalance, infertility, sexual debility, chronic digestive disorders, constipation, cerebral palsy, old age related degenerative disorders.

4) Nasya - is a process where medicinal oil is administered through the nose to cleanse accumulated kaphanasya toxins in the head and neck region

Benefits: Very effective health of ear, nose, throat, eyes & brain. It is very effective in patients sufferinf from sinusitis, chronic allergic sinusitis, nasal polyp, loss of smell & taste, Bel’s palsy ( facial paralysis). It helps to improve memory, eyesight, insomnia, migrane, greying of hair, clarity of voice, neurological disorders etc.

5) Raktamokshan – cleans the blood, reduces oedema, local infection and is effective in thinning of blood.