Q. When should one start doing yoga?

A. Anyone above 5yrs of age and can follow clear instructions can start practicing yoga.

Q.Can I only learn Pranayam?

A. It is recommended that you learn asanas also in combination with pranayam because during Pranayam one needs to open ones lungs to its maximum capacity. To bear the pressure you need to have good flexible chest muscles and flexible rib cage. We can achieve this by good practice of asanas like  back bends, side bends and twisting asanas. After this you can inhale and exhale to maximum lung capacity for a longer time and enjoy physical, mental, emotional and intellectual benefits.

Q. Within how many days will I be cured?

A. Generally people who suffer from many health problems for many years and have tried different methods of healing come to yoga therapy expecting magic and miraculous effects within some days. For some lucky patients, miracle happens; however we always say that if you are suffering from one health problem for 5yrs then give us at least 5 months or if you are suffering from a particular aliment for 7 months then give us at least 7 weeks of the treatment and start enjoying the benefits. Some chronic degenerative disorders cannot be reversed, but giving strength to the other supportive elements we can enhance the quality and quantity of life, this also gives you a positive attitude to looka t your health problems and life as a whole.

Q.Can I become a yoga teacher?

A. Like with any other profession, a lot of preperation and practise is required for anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher. Being a Yoga teacher means having discipline, devotion, dedication and tremendous patience to learn the theorotical & practical aspects of yoga.
He/ She needs to develop the art of understanding the physical and mental status of the student.