The ultimate detoxification, healing & rejuvenating procedure

jaanu bastiAyurved treatment is divided into two major parts

1) Evacuatory or Eliminatory treatment ( Shodhan)

Shodhan: ie Evacuatory or Eliminatory treatment helps to completely remove causative factors of many diseases (toxins) from the body and purify all the systems in the body. These treatments are also called as “Karma” or procedures. There are mainly Five Karmas and are also commonly known as “Panchakarma”


The main five procedures are as follows

1) Vaman - Biopurificatory therapeutic emesis.
2) Virechan - Biopurificatory therapeutic purgation.
3) Basti - Biopurificatory therapeutic enema.
4) Nasya – Therapeutic nasal root administration.
5) Raktamokshan – Therapeutic blood shedding or bloodletting.

As a preparatory stage for Panchakarma it is mandatory to first undergo other procedures ie

Snehan ( Oleation) and Swedan ( Perspiration)

steam bathSnehan is the process of oiling your body from inside or outside. Swedan is a process in which you are made to perspire using techniques like steam, hot rice etc.


2) Pacificatory treatment ( Shaman)

 Shaman ie Pacificatory treatment using Ayurvedic medicines. In Shaman a patient is recommended to consume ayurvedic tablets, kadha etc to treat his ailments


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