Dharana (Concentration)

“Desha Bandha Chittasya Dharana”

As mind is fluctuating, roaming around continuously it is very difficult to control it. In certain limited areas of objects we bind our mental activities. This is called as Dharana or concentration or focusing on object.

Dhyana ( Meditation)

“Tatraprati Ektanta Dhyanam”

When the area of concentration reduces and becomes so much subtle that there is no mental fluctuation at all and continuous focusing without disturbance is called Dhyan or Meditation.

These two are not separate techniques but two different states of mind. We start practicing Dharana. Sometimes mind becomes subtle steady that we enter into Dhyana, after sometime again mind starts moving and come back to state of Dharana. It keeps on happening. One cannot force mind however it depends upon purity, innocence, will -power ,stability of body, emotion and mind as well.

We practice some techniques of meditation i.e. Om meditation, Dynamic meditation, Aanapan meditation, Cyclic meditation.