“Ayurvedayati Bodhayati Iti Ayurvedah”

Ayu - life, Veda – to know. The science in which we learn and understand life is called Ayurveda. Ayurveda is not just Indian traditional therapeutic system but it is also knowledge of life There is very detailed explanation about root causes of diseases hidden in our food daily routine, habits, nature seasonal changes in food and behavior.

002Although there is very good explanation on how to prevent diseases, how to clean our body systems and eliminate toxins out,you still suffer from some illness. In order to cure and control them we use panchakarma (cleansing techniques) and medicines.

We offer solutions to a person's illness through the following steps.

1. Consultation
Through consultation we can know the root cause of disease of the patient.

2. Guidance of Diet
How you eat, what you eat, where you eat, when you eat, how much you eat: these are very important factors as their effects on food and digestive system are the basic causes of many diseases.

3. Dincharya
Daily routine.Because of our job, business and party lifestyle, we do not get up early in the morning and do not go to sleep till very late at night. This has very bad impact on body and mind causing hyperacidity, headaches, migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, insomnia etc. When in certain conditions you cannot change your timings or lifestyle, we guide you on how to alter and suggest solutions to avoid the problems generated by all these factors.

4. Rutucharya
Altering Food  and Physical habits according to seasons. Knowing about changes in our body, food, daily routine according to season is very important as we can prevent the onset of seasonal diseases accordingly.

5. Prakrutiparikshan
Body constitution There are three powers called Doshas i.e.kapha(responsible for growth, reproduction, union), pitta (responsible for maintainance of the body, digestion, metabolism), vata (destructing power, degeneration) that control our body and mind. Thus, our constitution is dominated by these three powers. When doshas combine themselves, they create different kinds of constitutions (e.g. kapha dominated constitutions, pitta dominated ones etc.). After examining we can determine one person’s prakruti and guide him/ her as for food, lifestyle, how to prevent diseases that could occur in the future and cure or control the present ones.

It is always necessary to understand a patient’s physical pain with deep rooted cause in his family, mind, social background, workplace. For instance, a backache patient can get relief from his pain with back stretching asanas and medicines, but also stress relief through relaxation, pranayama, Dharana and Dhyan. We need to guide the patient on how to face his/her problems and not to run away from them. It gives him/her a lot of confidence to overcome his/her problem and live life happily. Therefore consulting of Ayurvedic medicine and Yogatherapy for body and counselling for their mind, ego and intellect are given in our centre.