A sustaining and fulfilling option .

yoga teacherYog is an ocean of knowledge & many sciences and arts have originated from it. In India, since thousands of years many Yogis, Rishis and Muni’s have written many scripts reflecting their study, knowledge and experience on it. They have developed different methods to learn and understand science of Yog according to capacity of Yog seekers and transferred this knowledge to many generations through their schools. All over India we can find many Yoga schools following different yoga traditions but the life science of Yog and the important yog scripts they follow are the same.

The Government of India has done a commendable job of bringing all yoga Institutes together and formed one common syllabus and exams for all upcoming yoga teachers. At present there is a tremendous demand of well educated, well trained and well experienced Yog teachers. .

Career opportunities - After doing certification, diploma, bachelor or masters in Yog one should give government exam YCB (QCI) Level 1and 2.

yog as a careerArmed with these qualifications you can choose from the following options 

  1. Home tuition - A Yog teacher can give personal coaching or home tuitions.
  2. Yoga class - A Yog teacher can start classes for some group in societies, Gym, health clubs, schools, companies or health resorts.
  3. Yoga studio - Yog teacher with more deeper understanding & knowledge of Yog, having completed YCB( LEVEL 2) or bachelors or masters degree in the field of yog can start their own yoga studio where one can conduct different types of yoga batches Like yoga for children/senior citizens/pregnant ladies/beginners/fitness//yoga therapy.
  4. Yoga Therapy – Yoga teacher who has done a diploma or a post graduate course in yoga therapy are qualified as yoga therapists and can work privately or in yoga studios /yoga schools or in association with some doctors/physiotherapists or hospitals.
  5. Yog Educators – those who have done masters and PhD in Yog can work as professor in yog and naturopathy colleges or in yoga institutes.
  6. Yog Researchers – There is a lot of research going on in the world in the field of yog focusing on old yog scripts/philosophies(Granths), different yoga traditions, work done by great Yogis, different yoga asana and pranayama techniques and their effects, various meditation techniques and their benefits, effects of shuddhi kriyas, yoga therapy in various disorders. One can be associated with any research institutes as a Yog Scientist.


Depending upon the education and experience in the field of yog one can earn between Rs.10,000/- to 15,000 in early years. In big cities people are paying 500/- to 2000/- per session. In corporate sector one can earn anywhere from Rs.2000-4000 per session. One can also opt for a regular salary by joining schools, companies, yoga studios, organizations or yoga institutes. A pay scale for yog teachers wanting to teach abroad is also quite high. An experienced and hard working Yog Teacher can earn Rs.50,000- 100,000 per month.


In addition to monetary benefits a yog teacher gets a lot of Respect, Love, Faith, and Fame. Therefore if anyone wants to choose YOG as a Career, doors are open and lots of opportunities are waiting for you.