Make the right choice .

yoga classesOff late Yog has become sort of a worldwide phenomenon. Yog has become more of a fashion, fad, craze or status symbol than a genuine health need. Yog classes are mushrooming in all countries, cities, each and every lane and societies.

Yog as a traditional discipline has always been followed in India, but it gained momentum and popularity once the westerners started following it.

Increased popularity of Yog has created a need for more classes. Many centres offer short term Yog teachers training courses, and the instructors having done such express courses start running yog studios maybe making money, but not necessarily teaching the core values and essence of yog.

Power Yog, Hot Yog, Aqua Yog, Artistic Yog, Beer Yog and other such forms of Yog are becoming popular today. People really don't know what they want from Yog or what they are learning in these classes in the name of Yog, They are more concerned about their weight, belly fat, back or joint pain, emotional problems or just fashion or craze and somehow overlook the main point ie whether it is really beneficial or harmful to their body and mind In short there is a general lack of awareness and understanding of what actual is the true purpose of yog and how it works on our body, mind and emotions and daily life.

Our ignorance and a need to look good, fit and slim has lead to the increased instances of us falling victim to dubious fitness routines that is dished out to us in the name of classes 02

Listed below are some of the instances where our unawareness, wrong practitioners or wrong routines can actually end up damaging you rather than healing 

  1. In today’s fact paced and hectic life patterns we all fall victim to various lifestyle ailments such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Anxiety - Depression and Sleep Disorders. When the treatments reach a point where results are not favourable the doctors ask them to join Yog as a last resort. These poor sufferers join Yog class with great hope of find solutions to their ailments, but many a time end up in worse conditions if they are training under inexperienced yog instructors.
  2. The so called Yog Gurus even don't know what they are teaching to whom, & whether it is suitable to that person or not.
  3. There are multiple routines going on in the name Aqua Gym, Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Zumba and Aqua Yog? Is there any difference in them? Can Yog be counted as part of any of these routines?
  4. Those who have not done any physical exercise long time, join Yog class to do Power Yog for weight loss. Does anybody tell them how much they are going to damage their muscles and tissues?
  5. People join Hot Yog for instant weight loss and many of them start suffering from server headaches, high blood pressure, hyperacidity and diarrhoea.
  6. Many people instead of going to Yog class start practicing directly from television shows, you tube channel, some knowledge from books or from various sources on internet. This is also very dangerous as you don't know what is good for you and at how much level as all generalized instructions may not be suitable for you.

Yog is life style, Science of Yog is origin of many sciences. It is an ocean of knowledge. People take some drops of that water and add some colour to it and declare it as their new style of Yog.

yoga classes 01Traditionally, thousands of years back Sage Patanjali explained eight fold path of Yog, known as Ashtanga Yog. Gheranda Rishi and Swatmaram explained Hatha Yog from their scripts. Bhagwan Shri Krishna showed 4 major paths of Yog for different tendency people, suitable to them that is "Raj Yog, Karma Yog,Jnana Yog and Bhakti Yog."

So those who call themselves Yog instructors, Yog teachers, Yog experts or Yog Gurus should know the glorious history of Yog. They should study authentic scripts of Yog and knowledge given by them and then decide what are you going to teach your students on the name of Yog. While joining any Yog class one should enquire all details of Yog teacher, his/her education and experience in the field of Yog .

On the occasion of international Yog Day, there is no need of promotion of Yog but there is a pressing need of promoting authentic traditional style of Yog &science of Yog. It is time we promote authentic Yog institutes which are spreading this holy knowledge all over the world to infinite yoga seekers, doing researches on various aspects of Yog and exhibiting it as pure science for all human beings