yoga therapy 01Nowadays Yoga Therapy or Medical Yoga is increasingly becoming a boon for handling and curing many chronic diseases.

It can act as an effecve support to most type of medicines. It helps for faster rehabilitaon aer many Surgeries and diseases like Paralysis. It plays a major role in many neuromuscular disorders like spondylis, slipped disc, arthris, frozen shoulder etc. Many psychosomac disorders like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, IHD, insomnia, depression can be reversed with the help of Yoga therapy.


Yoga therapy includes cleansing techniques (Shuddhikriyas), asana, pranayama, meditaon and also diet guidance and counseling.

Yoga as a therapy, works step by step effecvely on all 5 sheaths of human that is physical sheath, vital sheath, mental sheath, intellectual sheath and spiritual sheath.


yoga therapy 03Guided asanas and shuddhikriyas (cleansing techniques) & diet work on physical sheath that is body which includes all systems and organs of body. They help to remove toxins from body, increase blood circulaon supplying oxygen and nutrients in large quanty to each and every cell, enhances their funconing and rejuvenates them. It creates smoothening effect on all muscles, nerves, organs thereby reducing spasm, pain and obstrucon. It overall increases the efficiency of physical sheath. It balances all hormones, creang harmony in all systems.


yoga therapy 05Regular pracce of suitable pranayama increases control over all voluntary and involuntary movements of body and mind. It creates clarity in thoughts, correct co-ordinaon between sensory organs - indriyas - mind - ego – intellect and motor organs. It includes all kinds of fast and slow breathing techniques with or without Kumbhak. MENTAL SHEATH Regular pracce of Dhahrana, Dhyana (different types of meditaon techniques) helps to increase stability in mind. One can get good control over emoons and reacons over them. Dualies and confusions get dissolved, mind becomes more alert, sensive, subtle and focused. Thus it helps in removing imbalance from mental sheath.


As a result of mental peace, person's analycal power, grasping capacity, thought process increases, moreover one gets a lot of knowledge from books, people, Guru, experiences etc. Intellect becomes sharper and decision making capacity increases. The major pain and cause of all miseries in life is lack of knowledge. We can overcome this problem with sharp intellect and our intellectual sheath gets balanced. Many psychosomac diseases start geng cured from their root.


yoga therapy 02Ulmately escaping from all pains, aches, doubts, confusions, emoonal imbalances, a person aains the ulmate goal of happiness and bliss.

Thus Yoga therapy works very deeply; aacking the very root cause of diseases. As a result it is very effecve in healing many chronic, psychosomac disorders. Yoga therapy is also known to improve quality and quanty of life in many incurable diseases like Cancer

It is the need of the hour to have qualified and effecve yoga therapist so that the true benefits of yoga therapy can be accessible to the world at large