Minal Phadnis

minal phadnisMyself Minal phadnis aged 81,joined this center at pune and after that during pandemic joined its online batch only to be benefitted physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sudha Mani

sudha maniHi,I am Sudha Mani, I joined the centre last November to try Yoga for my sciatica and numbness

Anoosha Gopal

anoosha gopalHi,I am Anoosha Gopal from Australia, joined the 6.30 am online yoga class by Kshitij Centre of Yog and Ayurved on the recommendation of my mother.

Vijaya Gopal

vijaya gopalHi,I am Vijaya Gopal, I am 64 years old.6 years ago I was diagnosed with acute cervical & spinal column degeneration.

Dr.Pushpa Otiv

pushpa otivThrough a team of dedicated teachers, Dr.Kshitija Jujam brings out the best in the students who come to her at the yoga training centre.

Munira Gangardiwala

munira gangardiwalaMyself Ms Munira Asgarali Gangardiwala started my yoga sessions at Kshitij 3 months ago,and I'm thankful for the same.

Meetu Dodeja

meetu dodejaI joined Kshitija's Yoga Classes a year back. The yoga class not only helped cure my backache, but also has made me more

Hema B Shah

hema b shahI am associated with Kshitija teacher from past 3 years. I was pregnant with my second child when I joined her classes, she paid

Bharati Palkar

bharati palkarI have joined Kshitij Yoga Classes 3 weeks back . In three weeks of practising of yoga my back pain is totally gone and

Morze A Bharwal

moize bharmalI had joined yoga at YMCA 2 yrs back. I have a habit of doing some exercise like jogging and swimming. But I had lower back

Nazima M Bharmal

nazima bharmalI am a housewife. I had joined yoga 6yrs ago. I don’t do yoga regularly and when I take break I realize the importance of yoga in

 Banu Shabbir Partapurwala

banu shabbir partapurwalaBy doing yoga I feel relaxed and relieved of arthritis and asthma. Stress in my mind has lessened. I feel more active, tiredness

Anju Milani

anju milaniI have B.P problem. I have joined yoga classes four months back and already feeling relaxed, getting sound sleep and more

Saroj Thadani

saroj thadaniI have had the opportunity to learn the benefits of yoga under the guidance of an experienced and qualified teacher, Dr Kshitija

Shashikala Shetty

shashikala shettyI have been learning Yoga since 7 years  at Kshitijas Yoga Classes. It has been a beautiful journey of Rejuvenation of the Mind,

Ateka H Rangwala

Ateka rangwalaI was suffering from bad pain in my legs and back. I joined yoga classes at YMCA for 9 years back. After

Datta Kohinkar Patil (Chairman Vipassana Centre - Pune)

datta kohinkar patilI give a lot of free lectures related to physical and mental health all over Maharshtra. Having a keen interest for writing, many of my articles

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