Why Choose Kshitij Centre Of Yog & Ayurved

Kshitij Centre is one of the biggest and most unique centre in Pune

  • Providing multiple health solutions under one roof
  • Providing holistic combination of Yog & Ayurved.
  • Offering solutions through Ayurved (Medical Panchakarma) & Yog (Yog Therapy) for most common & specific diseases/disorders.
  • Qualified & Experienced Doctors & Teachers.(25 + Team)
  • Flexible timings - 9 batches in a day..
  • Special programs for kids, pregnant women & senior citizens
  • Personal assistance and care
  • Providing home visits for personalized Yog / Panchakarma sessions.
  • Conducting various health related seminars & workshops
  • Regular Yog sessions held in Corporate/ Educational Sectors, Hospitals & NGO's.
  • Running Yog Teachers training Program - YIC, YTT & YCB and Yog Therapy.
  • Running Online classes to enable students to exercise in the comforts of their home even during Lockdown

Find solutions to some of the most common lifestyle ailments

Spine & Joint Disorder


spine issuesSedentary lifestyle, long working hours and sitting jobs lead to major back issues.

Digestive Disorders


digestive disorderIrregular, unhealthy and fast foods lead to major digestive disorders

Asthama & Respiratory Disorder


respiratory disordersPollution & stress has increased the cases of respiratory disorders in people.

Prenatal Care & GarbhSanskar


garbhsanskarGarbh Sanskar is not only about the care taken during pregnancy, but about starting preparations at least a year before conception.

Heart Diseases & BP

heart ailmentsStress &erratic lifestyle are the major causes of heart disorders & B.P

Neurological Disorders


neurological disorderCongenital issues, hereditary or unforseen accidents can be causes for neurological problems

Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression


anxiety depressionAddiction to technology & sleep deprivation causes sleep disorders & anxiety attacks

PCOD & Gynecological Disorders


pcodImproper diets, lifestyle & stress leads to hormone imbalance & infertility.

Obesity, Diabetes & Thyroid Disorders

obesity disorderUnhealthy eating habits & stress are contributors to Obesity, Diabetes & Thyroid Issues

Skin & Hair Issues


hair skinAddiction to technology & sleep deprivation causes sleep disorders & anxiety attacks

Healthy Childhood


healthy kidsGive your child the gift of health, intelligence, balanced emotional, physical and mental growth through Yog

Over 20 Years of Experience

Kshitij Yog Centre looks at  making Yog a holistic experience to help in the  mental, physical, and spiritual growth of its patrons

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Yoga - Improving flexibility of your body & mind
holistic yoga

Kshitij Yog Centre does not look at yogasanas and pranayams as health management techniques, but also considers them as tools for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual growth. We have an Integrative approach towards our sessions and provide holistic solutions for the body, mind & spirit

Panchakarma - Body Detoxification
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