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omYog is ‘Darshan’ i.e. a way of life. It has all social, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects to improve our life. Practice of yog gives us tremendous physical, mental energy to fight & face all difficult situations in life. It protects us from many diseases & increases our immunity (resistance power). We are prone to illness because of our erratic life style, work pattern, hereditary factors, pollution etc but regular practise of yoga reduces the frequency and intensity of such episodes . Make Yoga an Important aspect of your Lifestyle.

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Centre Activities

Upcoming Workshop on Obesity

Kshitij Centre is conducting a Workshop On Obesity on 24th Feb 2018

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Seminar on Treatment of Cancer through Yog

006Kshitij Centre was part of a group that organised a seminar on Cancer Treatment by Yog & Ayurved

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Surya Namaskar Sadhana 2018

002Kshitij Centre celebrated Rathasaptami  with a Suryanamaskar Sadhana at Lonkar Garden

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