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Workshops and Seminars

Kshitij Centre has conducted and participated in many workshops. These workshops are mostly health awareness programs wherin the benifts of yoga and its positive effect on our health have been discussed and demonstrated.

It has been observed that in our seminars experts from Allopathy , Ayurveda and Yoga share the same platform and give their opinions and views thus giving a holistic approach to the disease.

International Yoga Day Celebration 2017

001Kshitij Centre celebrated International Yoga day with an interactive and yog session at Southern Command Hospital

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Seminar on Treatment of Cancer through Yog

006Kshitij Centre was part of a group that organised a seminar on Cancer Treatment by Yog & Ayurved

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Surya Namaskar Sadhana 2017

004Kshitij Centre celebrated Rathasaptami  with a Suryanamaskar Sadhana at Lonkar Garden

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